Inex Works

With a need to automate processes and reduce repetitive tasks Inex Works, an external grounds and facilities management company, approached Pinnacle to see how we could digitally transform their company for creating and managing maintenance jobs for clients.

Dismissing off-the-shelf software due to misalignment of processes and ongoing licensing costs Louise MacKinven, Operations Director for Inex Works, was looking for a bespoke solution which would free up her resources and streamline the company's work processes in the the office and out on site. Approaching another well-known Scottish development company, the positioned cost was exorbitant and would have resulted in scrapping the idea altogether had it not been for a referral to ourselves. Our methodology and development style allowed us to position the same product for half the cost.

A MoSCoW review, performed by the Pinnacle team, helped Louise identify what was required for the system.  Results from this were formed into an agreed functional and design specification and Pinnacle’s agile development allowed for the initial system to be delivered, tested and deployed within a tight timeframe of 3 months so Inex were ready for their winter gritting season.

Inex’s new system:

- Creates and manages jobs performed by office and site workers

- Automates tasks that were sometimes manually repeated up to 3 or 4 times per job.

- Designed to their processes

Having undergone its first 4 months in use, the feedback from Inex Works has been immensely positive with the system being used this winter.  Further testament to the work delivered is that we have already begun preparing the ground for something new in their pipeline.


Launched in 1997, Inex Works provides external grounds maintenance, internal works, winter maintenance, ‘civils’ works, and environmental landscaping throughout Scotland from their depots in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Aberdeen.

Pinnacle is a bespoke software house, based out of Aberdeen, working across all industries in delivering innovative solutions to companies problems through digital transformation, product development and technology consultancy.


Spearheaded by Craig Buchan in Aberdeen in 2016, Qpal are now scaling up in Dubai. Providing Qpal Wallet Solutions (QWS), they can integrate their payment technology into virtually any environment across the banking and merchant space. Beyond offering just cashless payments, their platform also gathers valuable data insights allowing event organisers to offer targeted rewards, offers and content.

As a founder in the Elevator Programme, Craig was looking for a software development company to assist in creating a token based solution to assist in events in Scotland. From these small beginnings, Qpal went from strength to strength and was recently announced as Visa’s Everything Everywhere winner for 2017, catapulting them into the limelight. With a move to the UAE, Craig needed to know that his team there could focus on promoting their product whilst the software that powers their operations is taken care of by somebody knowledgeable. 

Beyond developing their software by partnering with key individuals within Visa and CyberSource, our Technical Team have taken on the additional responsibilities of supporting them with rollout at Events as well as road mapping the future of their platform. We developed iOS, Android and Web Applications to be used both in Closed and Open Wallet scenarios. We deployed their solution at the Wasla Event in Dubai, the International Book Fair in Abu Dhabi and smaller events here in Scotland.

With the team at Pinnacle working on the technical challenges faced by any company working in the cashless payment sphere, the team at Qpal are able to focus all their efforts on developing and growing their business. Knowing that our team are on hand when it suits them has also empowered Craig to travel through Europe, Asia and Australia promoting his amazing platform.

Swire Oilfield Services

Swire Oilfield Services is the world's largest supplier of specialised offshore containers to the global energy industry. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Swire OS operates from 61 bases, across 29 countries employing over 500 personnel from all the major oil and gas regions in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North & South America and Asia- Pacific.

An existing software platform built on a custom .NET platform, running on Windows, left Swire OS frustrated with inadequate lead times for enhancements and its overall speed. Initially developed at great expense, the 1.0 version of their platform relied heavily on many paid-for services when open source alternatives were readily available. Additionally as 1.0 was developed abroad, the Quality Assurance and Quality Control were inconsistent.

Our solution began with a simple proof of concept to demonstrate what we could do to make OverVu a better experience for both Swire OS and their own customers. Following detailed and extensive face to face meetings with key stakeholders in their offices, we put together a re-designed and re- developed solution, OverVu 2.0. Based on 1.0, the re-developed OverVu system saves Swire over £100,000 a year in operational costs alone. In order to deliver the above functionality, our system is API based with a Web and Mobile App with connections to three ERP systems and 2 different GPS providers.

Savings aside, our platform is capable of responding instantly to requests for information on over 60,000 containers worldwide. With this more robust system, Swire will be capable of on boarding more clients. Furthermore, the system is wholly owned by Swire. By acting as Technical Partners rather than just developers we can reassure our clients that the systems being put together for them are in their own benefit and will be supported.

Jamieson & Carry

Tracing their beginning as far back as 1733, Jamieson & Carry is an independent, family-owned and run jewellery business in the very heart of Aberdeen. With a catalogue including the greatest in exquisite watch making as well as a truly bespoke offering in the jewellery scene, the partners at Jamieson & Carry have always looked back on their heritage to deliver a great service for their future in the Granite City.

The premises also include a workshop manned by a team of dedicated craftspeople. However, with the journey of any item only being documented on paper, customer engagement was limited and precious time was being spent on identifying what needed repaired and what progress was being made. Furthermore, auditing the repair journey was a challenge in itself.

A bespoke piece of software was developed from the ground up specifically for the partners at Jamieson & Carry. “Mark” was built to capture every stage of the repair process. It all starts with a QR code generated and printed for each item, as well as the customer, which can be scanned at every stage to update notes into a bespoke portal. This portal can also be accessed by anyone in the business. As the item goes from craftsperson to craftsperson they can quickly pick up what has been performed and what is yet to be done. Finally, when the customer comes in to pick up their items, a quick scan of the QR code by a tablet pulls up what items are needed to be collected and automatically links to their POS for a fast tendering process.

With cross-level visibility of progress on repairs, the customer is more engaged by being provided with answers to any queries with considerably more speed. The team in the workshop no longer have to rely on paper to track their progress and the Partners are able to keep an audit of every repair and item entering their premises.