Jamieson & Carry

Tracing their beginning as far back as 1733, Jamieson & Carry is an independent, family-owned and run jewellery business in the very heart of Aberdeen. With a catalogue including the greatest in exquisite watch making as well as a truly bespoke offering in the jewellery scene, the partners at Jamieson & Carry have always looked back on their heritage to deliver a great service for their future in the Granite City.

The premises also include a workshop manned by a team of dedicated craftspeople. However, with the journey of any item only being documented on paper, customer engagement was limited and precious time was being spent on identifying what needed repaired and what progress was being made. Furthermore, auditing the repair journey was a challenge in itself.

A bespoke piece of software was developed from the ground up specifically for the partners at Jamieson & Carry. “Mark” was built to capture every stage of the repair process. It all starts with a QR code generated and printed for each item, as well as the customer, which can be scanned at every stage to update notes into a bespoke portal. This portal can also be accessed by anyone in the business. As the item goes from craftsperson to craftsperson they can quickly pick up what has been performed and what is yet to be done. Finally, when the customer comes in to pick up their items, a quick scan of the QR code by a tablet pulls up what items are needed to be collected and automatically links to their POS for a fast tendering process.

With cross-level visibility of progress on repairs, the customer is more engaged by being provided with answers to any queries with considerably more speed. The team in the workshop no longer have to rely on paper to track their progress and the Partners are able to keep an audit of every repair and item entering their premises.