Spearheaded by Craig Buchan in Aberdeen in 2016, Qpal are now scaling up in Dubai. Providing Qpal Wallet Solutions (QWS), they can integrate their payment technology into virtually any environment across the banking and merchant space. Beyond offering just cashless payments, their platform also gathers valuable data insights allowing event organisers to offer targeted rewards, offers and content.

As a founder in the Elevator Programme, Craig was looking for a software development company to assist in creating a token based solution to assist in events in Scotland. From these small beginnings, Qpal went from strength to strength and was recently announced as Visa’s Everything Everywhere winner for 2017, catapulting them into the limelight. With a move to the UAE, Craig needed to know that his team there could focus on promoting their product whilst the software that powers their operations is taken care of by somebody knowledgeable. 

Beyond developing their software by partnering with key individuals within Visa and CyberSource, our Technical Team have taken on the additional responsibilities of supporting them with rollout at Events as well as road mapping the future of their platform. We developed iOS, Android and Web Applications to be used both in Closed and Open Wallet scenarios. We deployed their solution at the Wasla Event in Dubai, the International Book Fair in Abu Dhabi and smaller events here in Scotland.

With the team at Pinnacle working on the technical challenges faced by any company working in the cashless payment sphere, the team at Qpal are able to focus all their efforts on developing and growing their business. Knowing that our team are on hand when it suits them has also empowered Craig to travel through Europe, Asia and Australia promoting his amazing platform.