Swire Oilfield Services

Swire Oilfield Services is the world's largest supplier of specialised offshore containers to the global energy industry. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Swire OS operates from 61 bases, across 29 countries employing over 500 personnel from all the major oil and gas regions in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North & South America and Asia- Pacific.

An existing software platform built on a custom .NET platform, running on Windows, left Swire OS frustrated with inadequate lead times for enhancements and its overall speed. Initially developed at great expense, the 1.0 version of their platform relied heavily on many paid-for services when open source alternatives were readily available. Additionally as 1.0 was developed abroad, the Quality Assurance and Quality Control were inconsistent.

Our solution began with a simple proof of concept to demonstrate what we could do to make OverVu a better experience for both Swire OS and their own customers. Following detailed and extensive face to face meetings with key stakeholders in their offices, we put together a re-designed and re- developed solution, OverVu 2.0. Based on 1.0, the re-developed OverVu system saves Swire over £100,000 a year in operational costs alone. In order to deliver the above functionality, our system is API based with a Web and Mobile App with connections to three ERP systems and 2 different GPS providers.

Savings aside, our platform is capable of responding instantly to requests for information on over 60,000 containers worldwide. With this more robust system, Swire will be capable of on boarding more clients. Furthermore, the system is wholly owned by Swire. By acting as Technical Partners rather than just developers we can reassure our clients that the systems being put together for them are in their own benefit and will be supported.